We're a small association with few members. Are we able to order at Topfanz?
Absolutely, one of our strong points is that we are able to provide in small quantities. There is no minimum turn-over, and services like graphic design and online selling are also available to you.

I'm a private individual, can I order?
Most certainly, we also work with private citizens. The same minimum order quantities will apply to you. Even for a one-time order you can contact us. 

We already have a supplier, what makes Topfanz so special?
Good question. We suppose your current supplier delivers quality goods on time. We noticed however that most suppliers concentrate on the development of the articles, and are less worried about the selling aspect. They think too much on the short run, which leads to overstocking.
At Topfanz we started in a sport club's fanshop, therefore we know exactly how to maximize your investment. We will propose the right articles at the right quantities, and can provide our expertise to increase your overall sales, either online or offline.

Are designs really free?
Yes, if you buy products from us we will waive the fees for the graphic designs. We know how much time it takes to put your ideas on paper, and how difficult it is to find a good designer who does exactly what you ask. Designs are usually expensive and take a lot of time. Therefore we have built a network of designers with different specialisations.
Free designs are only available for customers that have the intention to buy products. We can help other customers as well, but in that case these services will be charged for.

How long does it take to deliver?
The delivery times of each product are mentioned under the tab "Specifications" of each product. Take into account that these are estimated delivery times, there are several factors that we can't control. If you have a specific delivery date in mind, e.g. for an event, please let us know as soon as possible.

Can you deliver small quantities?
You can find the minimum order quantities under the tab "Specifications" of each product. In some cases we can exceptionally produce even smaller quantities, but take into account that the fixed costs will be divided over less pieces. The price per piece will increase accordingly. Please let us know which quantity you have in mind.

I can't find the product that I'm looking for, can you still help?
Sure, we will do our best to source your product. We have a large network and have already realised many specific requests. This is also a free service.

Do you ask for an exclusivity?
An exclusivity is absolutely not necessary. We believe that we can do almost everything, but we also understand that some sport clubs will want to work with a local partner for historical or other reasons. We will be happy to complete the offer.
On the other hand, an exclusivity might get you better terms, e.g. through sponsoring.

Can we buy products from the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, the Belgian Red Devils or other clubs from you?
We are afraid that is not possible. We make several licensed products, but the licenses do not belong to us. We advise you to contact the club or license holder directly.

We are manufacturers. Are you open for new suppliers?
Certainly, under the right circumstances we would be happy to add your product to our range. Please contact us to discuss.